Victor Goméz Hams

Victor Goméz Hams

Our friends at Victor Gómez are in our opinion, one of the best price quality that Jamón has to offer in Spain.  It can be found in many restaurants throughout Spain, from local-family style up to gourmet establishments.
The traditional elaboration applied by Victor Gómez in the whole process of breeding, preparation and drying of the pieces, based on old family recipes, gives it this special taste. The traditional prepared pork-meat, which goes back to the middle ages, breeds pigs in a natural free-range environment. Experience and great care work together to always better their breeding habitat.
Group Victor Gómez is member of the C.R. D.O. Guijuelo (Society of denomination of origin) which controls the integrity and the quality of its hams. The village of Guijuelo is ideal for jamón curing due to its high-altitude dry climate.
We are soon going to shortly a tour of the Victor Gómez factory, along with a gourmet jamón tasting and visit to their shop.
For good jamón times, Victor Gómez!

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