Spanish Tapa, Pincho or Tosta?

Spanish Tapa, Pincho or Tosta?

The best Spanish Tapas and restaurants are a reflection of Spain and its many regions, and as most countries with diverse regions, things are the same but not exactly because the wording changes.
In restaurants in the north of Spain, you never say “Tapas”, you say “raciones” (portions), and from the middle of Spain all the way to the southern coast you say “tapas” because a “pincho” is a pricky-stick, interesting right…
Let’s recall the history concept of the “tapa” with this link before we go any further. As we have learned from the above link, some of the bests tapas are generally a small free sample served with any drink in a bar or in a Restaurant from Madrid all the way southwards, excluding the east-coast, there you pay for a Tapa and it’s generally bigger a portion:
Spanish Tapa
Now let’s travel again to the north, there, they don’t use the term “tapa”, instead they use the term “Pincho”, which is not exactly a “tapa”, confusing right? A “Pincho” is a piece of sliced crunchy bread with ingredients on top:
The variety of Pinchos is practically infinitive; restaurants are always experimenting with new ingredients to slap on top of the bread, especially Gourmet style establishments. We offer a Gourmet Wine tasting tour with a variety of Pinchos.
Now for the rest of the best restaurants in Spain, excluding the north of course, a “pincho” is called a “tosta”, it’s the same concept just a different name, now to confuse ourselves a bit more, generally a “pincho” in the rest of Spain is sometimes free and served as a “tapa”. Confuzed again right?
Welcome to Spain, welcome to Native Spanish Tapas, and welcome to the land of the Best Spanish Tapas, Pinchos and Tostas…

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