Madrid´s Soccer Derby

Madrid´s Soccer Derby

This Saturday 27th of February at 16:00 pm Spanish GMT+1 time, is the second time that Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid face each other this season in points for the Spanish Football league 2015-2016 season. The first game of the season ended up in a 1-1 tie in October of last year.
Madrid´s Soccer Derby is full on celebration of the best football Madrid has to offer and jubilee of the best Spanish tapas.
Fans congregate in the surroundings of the Bernabéu stadium for some of the the best tapas in Madrid in real local Spanish restaurants in the vicinity.  Spoiling themselves with some of the most authentic Spanish tapas like jamón, tortilla, chorizo, manchego cheese, paella among others, the surroundings of the Bernabéu stadium is bustling with the best Spanish tapa bars.
Barcelona is ahead in the league standings, this game is important for both teams. May the best Spanish Tapas roll and the best Spanish team win!

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