Typical Spanish liqueur: pacharan

Typical Spanish liqueur: pacharan

Have you ever heard the word Pacharan? At Native Spanish Tapas, we offer one of the most authentic Madrid tapas tours, and the proof is in the pudding with our increasing positive reviews on Tripadvisor. We are going to talk about one of the after-dinner liqueurs we offer during one of our typical Spanish tapas dinners: Pacharan, which comes from the fruits of a Sloe or a Blackthorn bush.
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It is typically drunk after an abundant Spanish tapas lunch or dinner because it helps to digest the food, which is why we offer it in our Madrid tapas tour. Usually, Madrid restaurant owners offer it for free to repeating customers in order to keep their customer loyalty.
Usually, when one of our Madrid tapas tours clients try it for the first time, they ask us about the origins, which we are going to jump right into now.
The geographic origins of this drink is in the northern province of Navarra dating bake to the 15th century, and it has been distilled all over Spain for the last 100 years.
Surprisingly enough, originally, pacharan was taken by spoon to alleviate stomach aches, yep, it does have a type of cough-syrup taste to it, do not be drawn back by it, it is absolutely delicious. Mothers would keep the bottle hidden away from their children, legend has it, that children would pretend to have stomach-aches in order to savor it, proof enough that it is absolutely delicious, children are not very fond of cough-syrup are they?
A new trend is popping up in Spain, where people actually brew it in their homes, like brewing beer!
There we have it, a brief history of this delicious liquor, in fact, our Native Spanish Tapas guides always recommend our customers taking some back him with them as a gift, but do mention the bit about the cough-syrup after a few shots of it….

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