Malaga Tapa Tour

Malaga Tapa Tour

Are you planning to head to the beautiful port city of Malaga to enjoy some of the best tapas in Spain? You’re in the right place then! Native Spanish Tapas is proud to launch our brand new Malaga Tapas Tour. After our success in Madrid, we have decided to branch out operations to the south of Spain offering the best tapa tour in Malaga.
In this tour we will be offering the best local Spanish tapas Malaga has to offer combined with a historical walking tour of this fascinating historical Spanish port city. We’ll be stopping at some of Malaga’s best family-run tapa bars for some of the most popular local Spanish tapas. Providing as well a precise “what to do” and “where to go” for the remainder of your stay in Malaga.
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Did you know that this gorgeous city not only has some of the best tapas of Spain, but it is also starting to get the world recognition that it deserves. Here are some interesting facts about this amazing city:
  1. It is in the top 10 list of the best cities to live in Europe, not surprised considering its beautiful port and Malaga tapas.
  2. Internationally known painter Pablo Picasso has a museum in his home town of here, where we can see some of his most personal works, ask neighbors around Picasso’s neighborhood to explain some anecdotes about when Picasso was alive, they will be glad to share them.
  3. The cemetery in MalagaCementerio inglés“, or “English cemetery” is definitely worth checking out, it was built by British consulate William Mark in 1830, it is considered to be in the top 10 most beautiful cemeteries of Spain.
  4. It is considered a world-wide artistic city today, not only because it is Picasso’s home-town, but Malaga boasts its own Thyssen Museum.
  5. Did you know that renowned Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas was also born in here?, he is known for giving back to his community, he can be seen during the Easter procession week, if you’re lucky enough, you might see him!
That’s all for now, we will keep you updated and we are sure you will enjoy our Malaga Tapas Tour.
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