The secret to Madrid Beer

The secret to Madrid Beer

Madrid is know all around Spain for serving some of the best draft beers. Our Madrid tapas tours customers always ask us what the secret to Madrid beer is. Today we are going to explain why Madrid probably has the best tap beer in Spain and the secret to why our Madrid beer has such a good body and soul to it. The secret to Madrid beer is our horizontal draft-tap system and the passion and love given every draft beer poured. In most other areas of Spain and of the world, the beer draft system opens up vertically in an up and down fashion:
The secret to Madrid Beer
But in Madrid, we have the vertical system, opening from right to left, and some beer experts believe it is the reason why we may have the best tap beer in Spain:
The secret to Madrid Beer
This unique tap system, has to outputs coming into the glass, one is the beer and the other is an additional extra flow of Co2, given it a full body and creamy sensation, hence, the secret to Madrid Beer. Now we are going to explain the steps to pouring a great tap-beer in Madrid:
Step 1:
Rinse the glass out with cold water, this gets rid of any residue and oxygenates the glass as well.
Step 2:
Place the glass in a 45 degree angle, letting out some of the excess foam from the top, and wait a few seconds.
Step 3:
Start pouring  the beer in a 45 degree angle and gradually move the glass in a vertical 90 degrees angle filling up the glass to about 75% of its capacity and wait a few seconds.
Step 4:
The last and very important step is to create the head that keeps the beer chilled, especially in Summer: open the tap to about 25% capacity and let the foam pour on the glass vertically, don’t be afraid to let some of the foam pour out of the glass. The foam should be about 3 cm thick.
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