Madrid Summer Activities

Madrid Summer Activities

Madrid summer activities in July and August are referred to Veranos de la Villa, you may notice a lot of advertising on public transport etc… These amazing Madrid summer activities offering a range of free activities such as concerts, magic shows, cinema, circus, sports, theater and dancing. Native Spanish Tapas recommends joining in on some of these Madrid summer activities to get a perspective of the people and the culture of Madrid. A lot of our customers during our Madrid tapas tours, will never forget the experience of stumbling upon a concert or a live play in the heart of the city.
These Madrid summer activities are spread out all over the city of Madrid, from neighborhood to neighborhood, and we understand that as a visiting tourist, you will most likely be staying around the historical city center. The three emblematic sites where we recommend going for any Madrid summer activities, are the Plaza Mayor, this year it’s the 400th anniversary, the Plaza de Oriente, located between the Royal Palace and the Opera hall and the Botanical Gardens near Atocha train station.
We encourage you to join Madrid in on our festivities and would highly recommend to ask your hotel receptionist to guide you on the activities and times of performances.
Madrid summer activities
Why would Madrid offer such an amount of free activities? Good question, and the answer is very simple. Every village, town and city of Madrid has its yearly festivities, and of course Madrid’s immense programming is a reflection of Madrid’s status as the capital city of Spain. So we spend a lot of time and resources in celebrating our yearly Summer La Villa de Madrid festivities.
Join us on one of our many Madrid tapas tours alongside some of the best Spanish tapas Madrid has to offer.


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