Ordering tapas in Madrid

Ordering tapas in Madrid

A lot of our customers at our Madrid tapas tours are surprised on how many varieties of Spanish tapas there are to choose. Ordering tapas in Madrid is not as easy as it may seem. Native Spanish Tapas is committed in guiding our customers for some of the best tapas in Madrid. Today we are going to show you the art of ordering tapas in Madrid.
There are really two types of tapas formats to choose from. The first one is the standard “ración” or portion that we share with the people we are having tapas with. This is a fun and interactive moment when ordering tapas in Madrid because it is a collective decision and is decided right then and there as you read the menu card, for example the group of friends could agree on a plate of calamaris, some chorizo in white wine, a garden salad, octopus with boiled potatoes, a portion of Iberian ham, Manchego cheese etc…
ordering tapas in Madrid
The second option for ordering tapas in Madrid is called going out for pinchos or tostas, they are basically a smaller portion of a standard Spanish tapa on a piece of crunchy bread, it is recommended if you are travelling alone.
ordering tapas in Madrid
In our Madrid tapas tours, we stumble upon a lot of solo-travelers, there is a saying in Spanish that says “mejor solo que mal acompañado“, “it’s better to be alone than with bad-company.”
Basically this second method of ordering tapas in Madrid, is somewhat like a lonely pub-crawl. You stop at the first bar or tavern you like and order a wine or a beer, generally they give you a free tapa sample with a drink, it could be a bowl of olives, or chorizo or Manchego cheese with bread. Bars offer these small free tapas in Madrid so you come back again. Ask for la carta and look for the section of tostas or pinchos and order the one that looks appealing to you. Then off to the second Madrid tapas bar, then the third all the way back to your hotel room.
Going out for tapas is a must when you visit Madrid. Native Spanish tapas is an expert in ordering tapas in Madrid, so join us in one our many Madrid tapas tours.


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