Classic Tapas in Madrid

Classic Tapas in Madrid

Tapas is a tradition in Spain well over a century year old. We can proudly saying that going out for tapas has really caught on in the rest of the world. And Native Spanish Tapas are experts in showing you how to go out for the best classic tapas in Madrid, because we really love what we do and show a passion for it. Going out for tapas in Madrid is almost like a sport or a past-time, there are so many bars in Madrid, that a lot of establishments try to stand out in making the best classic tapas in Madrid so you come back for more. Today we are going to show the most typical traditional tapas in Madrid. Which is what we, Native Spanish tapas and most Madrid Natives go for when going out for some of the best classic tapas in Madrid.
For a Madrid Native, going out for a quick tapa is the most normal thing to do, during the week, or even at weekends, to go out for an aperitif, such as a vermouth, beer or wine, even during working hours! Bars always offer a small sample, or “free tapa”, with the purchase of any drink. The “free tapa” is crucial in picking out the bar.
We have to admit, that we only focus on Madrid’s tapas, let’s not forget that the rest of Spain has quite the variety of Spanish tapas too choose from, San Sebastian is a top on many Spaniard’s lists as probably some of the best tapas in Spain. But, Madrid is a melting-pot of people’s migrating from all over Spain, and is one of the few cities where you can find tapas from all over Spain. So, as promised, below is a list of the best classic tapas in Madrid you should order while visiting Madrid:
pincho de tortilla= Spanish omelet
croquetas= Spanish tater-tots
callos a la madrileña= tripe stew
bacalao rebozado= battered cod
boquerones en vinagre= anchovies in vinegar and garlic
aceitunas= clasicc Spanish olives
gambas al ajillo= shrimp in garlic
calamares fritos= fried calamari
queso Manchego= Manchego cheese
patas bravas= fired potatoes in a somewhat spicy red-sauce
classic madrid tapas
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