Madrid Fun Facts

Madrid Fun Facts

Most cities have their share of fun and interesting facts, and Madrid fun facts are definitely worth reading about. Tourist season is here, and nativespanishtapas wants you to spend an unforgettable time in Madrid alongside some of the best tapas Madrid has to offer.  Fun facts are a good way of understanding this relatively young European capital city, we mean young, because Madrid became the capital of Spain in the 16th century, while a lot of the other European capital cities in European were already well established. With no further due, let’s move on to some Madrid fun facts.
Madrid fun fact #1
The Cibeles fountain, in the heart of Madrid, is designed to flood the national bank’s dungeon where it houses Spain’s gold reserves, in case of any emergency or national issue.
Madrid fun fact # 2
There is an original piece of the Berlin wall in the Park with the same name in Madrid: Parque de Berlin! Unfortunately, it has been degraded over time and most locals are not even aware of its existence anymore.
Madrid fun fact # 3
Madrid has the biggest seafood market in Europe, although we are 500 kms away from the closest sea-coast!
Madrid fun fact # 4
Our Metro subway system is the 7th longest in the world, offering service to 570 million passengers per year, the population of the world in the 17th century!
Madrid fun fact # 5
Madrid celebrates the second biggest gay-pride parade in the world!
Madrid fun fact # 6
Our bull-ring Ventas, is the second biggest in the world!
Madrid fun fact # 7
The oldest construction in Madrid is 2,000 years old! It is el Templo de Debod, an Egyptian temple donated by Egypt to Spain and rebuilt in the Parque del Oeste. It opened its doors in 1972.
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Madrid has a lot of fun facts that a lot of the locals are not aware about. You will have known something more about this magical city the moment you step off the plane now. We recommend taking a local Madrid tapas tour to get to know the ins-and-outs during your stay in Madrid. Join us on one of our many Madrid tapas tours.


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