best Madrid Sangria

best Madrid Sangria

Welcome to Native Spanish Tapas, offering some of the best Madrid Tapas Tours. Today we are going to talk about one of the most famous Spanish drinks: Sangría. It’s a refreshing alcoholic beverage generally consisting of red wine, pieces of sliced fruit (apple, orange, lemon or even peach), a bit of sugar or cinnamon, and any type of liquor such as Cointreau. At our Madrid Tapas tours we offer our clients one of the best home-style Sangrías in Madrid.
There are generally two types of Sangrías elaborated in Spain, one with gas and one without gas. The gaseous ones are usually made with La Casera, very similar to Sprite, but without any sugar, just a lemon based carbonated drink. At Native Spanish Tapas we always offer it to our clients without any carbonation, because we have to leave belly-room for some of the best Spanish Tapas in Madrid, in one of our many Madrid tapas tours we offer.
Madrid sangria
Now for some interesting facts and history about this refreshing Spanish drink:
According to European Union legislation, Sangría can only be produced in Spain and Portugal.
The word literally means “bleeding or blood-bath“. English language has adopted the word sangaree from Spanish.
Sangría has a lot of origins, no one is exactly sure of an exact origin in time. One historical data is that it was drunk in the 19th century in Ecuador by Spanish colonials, another theory is that it was drunk in the Caribbean by British colonials.
As far as global branding and recognition is concerned, most people associate it with Spain, just like paella or bull-fights, and we’ll keep it that way for centuries to come!
Some bars serve industrial Sangría right out of a tap, for us it’s a no, no, no way! We want only the best Spanish tapas in Madrid accompanied by a refreshing home-style sangría.
best sangria Madrid
Join us on one of our many real local’s Madrid tapas tours just like Madrileños do.


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