Top five Madrid tapas

Top five Madrid tapas

A lot of our customers ask us during any of our Madrid Tapas tours what are the best Spanish tapas in Madrid for locals, for a Madrileño?, What are the top tapas in Madrid?
It’s a tough question, you cannot generalize what people usually order when going out for a real local’s tapas experience in Madrid, it’s a social event, depends on what the group is like, its likes or dislikes. Some prefer lighter tapas, others prefer fattier ingredient tapas.
Let me explain my personal experience about going out for tapas in Madrid with my Spanish friends or family, it’s a general but good assumption of the five best Madrid tapas local´s usually order and and that we offer in our best Madrid Tapas Tours are:
Paella: a true icon in Spanish tapas cuisine, a very typical tapa shared on a plate, the plate size depends on the number of people in the tapas group.
Tortilla: this tapa is usually ordered individually, there is a difference between a good tortilla and a so-so one, some tourist traps buy them industrially made…
tortilla tapa
Jamon and Manchego cheese: we generally order two platters of each, it is a must in a tapas crawl in Madrid!
Croqueta: this tapa never fails, alongside the typical argument of whose mother makes the best home made croquette.
croqueta tapa
Chorizo: we personally order it sautéed in white wine or cider, we call it chorizo al vino or chorizo a la sidra, excellent to dip your bread into.
Real Madrid Tour + Tapas Lunch
So there we have it, our most popular tapas in Madrid. There are many different ways of ordering Spanish Tapas, for example there are people who go out for tapa vegetarian style, only eating fish and vegetables, or even strictly vegan, delicious and healthy too! If you have visited us here in Madrid, please let us know which Madrid tapa was your favorite.

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