Tapas in Madrid?

Tapas in Madrid?

Welcome to Spain and welcome to our Madrid Tapas Tours! Where we offer you some of the best tapas in Madrid.
Spaniards of all walks of life love going out for tapas, from working class neighborhoods, all the way up to the Spanish Royal Family. It’s a tradition that whenever the Royal House hosts important diplomats or heads of state they serve tapas at cocktails or even for dinner.
In fact, it is a recognized verbal structure “irse de tapas” by the official academy of the Spanish language. It is a social get-together with friends, family or work related events.
Some say Madrid has some of the best Spanish tapas because of the melting-pot effect of peoples who have been migrating here for the last 100 years. The north of Spain has more elaborate and expensive tapas while the south of Spain has cheaper tapas mainly composed of seafood.
The history of Spanish tapas starts in the 13th century when King Alfonso the X, known as the “wise one”, passed a decree forcing all taverns to serve a small portion of food with every wine served in order to reduce the effects of alcohol, it has evolved a lot since then.
Today Spanish tapas are as diverse as the spectrum of colors. There are humble family run tapas bars, touristy orientated tapas bars, corporate tapas bars and all the way up to sophisticated tapa bars with the most unique combination of ingredients imagined.
Native Spanish Tapa’s philosophy is to take you to the best tapa bars in Madrid. We mean the best because it’s where the locals go right in the heart of Madrid. Our customers always tell us that they would not have gone inside the bars we take them to, simply because the best tapa bars in Madrid do not cater to tourists. A good sign of a real local tapas bar in Madrid is that the menu card is only in Spanish, it isn’t translated to other languages.

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