Spanish Tortilla recipe

Spanish Tortilla recipe

Native Spanish tapas is going to show you a simple Spanish tortilla recipe. We want you to try food just like the locals do. Spanish food is very simple in that it has very few ingredients, so some of the best Spanish tapas bars actually taste quite home-cooked.
One of the most popular and best Spanish tapas recipe is the “Tortilla de Patata” or Spanish omelet, not to be confused with the Mexican Tortilla… A tortilla is a must stop at restaurants for some of the best tapa tours in Madrid. Let’s have a look at a simple Spanish tortilla recipe.
 A couple of years ago I visited some friends back in the States. I wanted to take this traditional Spanish tapa recipe abroad. I offered to make a tapa Tortilla as an appetizer for a BBQ and told them the simple ingredients needed for them to buy at the grocery store: potatoes, olive oil, salt and onion.
Not only did they buy the above ingredients, but they also bought flour tortillas! We ended up making a few Spanish tortilla wraps, not bad at all; in fact in Spain, an Omelet is often eaten in a crunchy Cuban-bread style sandwich, delicious! Some of the best Spanish tapas in Madrid are accompanied with a lot of bread too!
Here is a great video of a Spanish omelet made by a British Lad!:

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