The Simplicity of Spanish Tapas

The Simplicity of Spanish Tapas

Our customers are often surprised on how simple Spanish food is, how simple Spanish tapas really are, this is mainly because very few ingredients are required. There is a culinary saying in Madrid that says “less is better”. We love sharing this simplicity in our Food tours in Madrid, taking our customers to the most authentic and most simple Madrid tapas bars. Some plates are under three ingredients like Spanish Tortilla, Sautéed Shrimp, Croquets, Meatballs in Wine-sauce, grilled Asparagus… among many more. Besides this simplicity, another important factor is the quality of the raw material Spain has to offer.
Keeping it simple and real is key for the best Spanish Tapas tour Madrid has to offer.
 Madrid is a melting-pot of peoples from all over Spain who brought these simple recipes and ingredients with them. From the North of Spain, they brought the “pincho tapa“, which are tapa ingredients on a slice of bread as we se below:

Traditional Pincho with jamón, tortilla and tomato

The South of Spain introduced the concept of a free tapa with any alcholic beverage, like for example a small plate of meatballs with potatoes.
Meatball Spanish tapa
We have managed to combine food and the history of Madrid in a fun and dynamic way. The first, very simple, the latter very complex, this contrast makes it really entertaining. We give you a general run-down of the relevant past and present history of Madrid through its picturesque streets, with some astonishing anecdotes such as an historical bond with Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code, some of Hemingway’s favorite taverns still running today, a 400 year-old convent where nuns have no contact with the outer-world, where they devote their time not only to praying, but to making cookies and biscuits. Our Madrid Tapas Tripadvisor reviews are excellent!
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