Fun things in Madrid

Fun things in Madrid

Madrid’s historical city center is where most of the social and cultural activities are concentrated in Madrid. At Native Spanish Tapas, we provide our food tour in Madrid focused on that concept of mixing with the locals and offering the best Spanish tapas in Madrid. See for yourself and have a glance at our tapas tour madrid tripadvisor link.
Some other significant European cities historical centers have been panned out for tourism. The center of Madrid is not the case, it’s a bustling mix of residents of the area, workers and of course tourists.
The historic quarter of Madrid has not always been this way. Only in the last 20 years where tourism has become an important part of Madrid’s economy, is where we have witnessed this balanced of locals and tourists going about in their daily business. In fact our customers always tells us how hospitable and friendly local Madrileños are, always going the extra mile to make sure your stay in Madrid is as comfortable and unforgettable as possible. “Mi casa su casa” mentality is the key to our hospitality.
We dive into a real Madrid tapas trail at real local hang outs for the best Spanish tapas Madrid tour has to offer, combining it with a fun and unmemorable historical Madrid tour of the most relevant past and present of its over 500 years of history. From the oldest building dating back to the 15th century, to the oldest standing restaurant where Hemingway used to frequent and all the way up to a recent historical anecdote linked to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. The center of Madrid is full taverns off the beaten path where you will have the most memorable moments.
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