The oldest Restaurant in the world is in Madrid!

The oldest Restaurant in the world is in Madrid!

Madrid is considered by many to be the best place for Spanish Tapas, mainly due to the massive migration coming from all over Spain in the last 100 years or so: a true Spanish melting-pot. At Native Spanish Tapas, we also believe that Madrid has the best Spanish Tapas, so it inspired us to combine “tapas” and “the history of Madrid” in a fun and dynamic way.
Madrid also has some of the best Spanish Restaurants of all types: home-made Spanish tapas restaurants, sophisticated Spanish tapas restaurants and all the way up to even 8 Michelin Star restaurants!
No wonder why Madrid is home to the oldest operating restaurant in the world, Casa Botín which opened up in 1725. It is accredited by the Guinness Book of World Records and proudly displays the diploma on one of its windows.
It wasn’t until the middle of the XVIII century that Spanish taverns were allowed to actually sell food because of strict guild laws to protect restaurants. You could only bring your food ingredients to a tavern and they would cook it up for you. Casa Botín started off as a tavern.
Another interesting anecdote is that recognized Spanish classical painter Francisco de Goya worked in Casa Botín as a dishwasher around 1765.
Today, Casa Botín is one of the most visited Spanish Restaurants in Madrid. They serve traditional “Castilian” food such as suckling pig, roasted lamb, cod and red pepper salad, grilled asparagus, among many other traditional Spanish recipes.
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