Why Madrid?

Why Madrid?

If you are on your way to Madrid or are already here, we want to personally congratulate for choosing Madrid, we offer some of the best Spanish foodthe best Tapas restaurants and the best tapa tours in Spain.
Madrid also has its share of museums, sunny weather all-year-round, two of the best Soccer teams in Europe, healthy street night-life, mountain ranges in the north, among many other activities. Madrid was in the top five most visited cities in Europe in 2015, mainly because it has some of the best Spanish Tapas Spain has to offer. European word of mouth has also helped. “What did you like the most about Madrid?”, “the food and the weather”, yes, in fact there are over 7,000 thousands of restaurants in Madrid!
Some people come to Madrid for its history, its cuisine and its weather!
In fact, not so many years ago, Madrid was not a tourist hub like other popular Spanish cities, and we have worked hard to gain the status we deserve: Madrid has some of the the best tapas restaurants and great weather, a formula for a great time!
 Let’s have a look at what a typical day in Madrid is like through a tourist’s perspective:
  1. 9:30 am: Breakfast at an authentic “churros” stand around the corner from the hotel, avoiding the continental breakfast at the hotel for a real local’s experience.
  2. 10:30 am: Visit to the Prado Museum.
  3. 12:00: First stop (of many) of a typical Spanish Tapas bar in Madrid (recommended by the hotel receptionist), the wine is cheap and the tapas are one of the best in Madrid!
  4. 13:00: A walk through the beautiful Retiro Park.
  5. 14:30: Second Tapas stop at Casa Labra at Puerta de Sol, for some Croquettes (recommended by Tripadvisor)
  6. 15:30: A scroll through Puerta del Sol and picturesque Plaza Mayor.
  7. Lunch at the “Mercado de San Miguel” with over 40 different tapa-food stands to choose from such as paella, grilled shrimp, oysters, jamón and cheese among many others. You can buy a drink in one stand and leave the glass in another stand, the same goes with the tapas plates; it’s amazing and very picturesque too!
  8. 17:00: Time to go back to the hotel for a nap or a “Spanish Yoga” as some Spaniards like to call it.
  9. 19:00 Wake up from a nice nap with a crave for “churros” again, and head to San Ginés Cafeteria for some Chocolate and Churros, a great energy source.
  10. 20:00: Scroll through the picturesque streets of La Latina quarter and a walk around the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral area, they are beautifully lit at night.
  11. 22:00: We are hungry again, it’s tapa time in Madrid!: bar hopping around calle Segovia taverns for some wine and the specialty tapa that each tavern has to offer.
  12. 12:00: We want to do a little dancing; it’s time to visit Joy Eslava, one of Madrid’s oldest Discotech.
Madrid never sleeps, so keep on enjoying the night-life!

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