Madrid walking tour

Madrid walking tour

A Madrid walking tour is definitely a great idea if you want to get the run-down of what do during your stay in Madrid. We highly recommend contracting one of these tours on the first day in Madrid.  Our Madrid tapas tour expert guides are all Madrid locals, and take you where they would go for some of the best Spanish tapas in Madrid. Our tapas tour in Madrid begins in the 18th century Madrid and goes back in time to the early 16th century Madrid, right in heart of the old quarter. The duration of the tapas tour Madrid is approximately four hours, and stops at some of the most fascination historical land-marks that Madrid has to offer.
Madrid tapas tour
Some of these fascination Madrid walking tour stops includes Casa Botin, the oldest standing restaurant which has been in business since 1725. We get to take our customers inside to see the old clay and brick oven, which is as old the restaurant itself, where suckling-pig is the plate most commonly served there. Another fascination place our Madrid tapas tour takes us to is the Basilica de San Miguel, where the Opus-dei secretive catholic society was founded, this society was popularized globally in Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code novel.
Madrid walking tour
Our Tapas tour in Madrid is definitely a must do, because not only do we guide through some of Madrid’s most fascinating history, but we offer a taste of some local Spanish tapas in Madrid. Some of these tapas include the legendary cod croqueta, Spanish jamón Serrano, Manchego cheese, chorizo in wine sauce, garlic shrimp in wine sauce,  delicious gazpacho, Spanish tortilla and finishing off with of the best paellas in Madrid. The drinks are very abundant and we offer a wide variety of choices between, red and white wine, sangria, beer, in fact we finish off our Tapas tour in Madrid with traditional after-dinner liquor shots of pacharan and licor de hierbas.
Join us for our Madrid walking tour blending history and some of the best Spanish tapas in Madrid.

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