Madrid Tapas tour tripadvisor

Madrid Tapas tour tripadvisor

Native Spanish Tapas is proud to announce that we are swiftly moving up in the ranking of the tripadvisor Madrid tapas tours! Considering that Tripadvisor Madrid tapas is a very competitive sector! We have done so by providing an authentic Madrid tapas tour experience, just as locals do in Madrid! The initial idea of the partners was just that: to take our customers where we usually go to and teach them the ins-and-outs of what going out for the best tapas in Madrid is really like.
You may ask yourself, “we?”, who are you referring to “we, the partners of Native Spanish Tapas?
tripadvisor madrid tapas tours
We love explaining the history of Native Spanish Tapas, and especially to our customers.
We are a group of friends whose fathers worked in an American Air Force base in Torrejón, in the outskirts of Madrid. “Military brats“. Our fathers are from the States and our mothers are Spanish. Our Spanish families cooked and still cook today, some of the best tapas in Madrid. It’s in our genes.
We grew up in both worlds acquiring American customs and habits inside the military base; the air-base had a burger-bar, pizzeria, bowling alley etc…, in fact we all went to the American high school inside the base, but after school we merged into our Spanish customs through our mothers, Spanish family, or our Spanish friends. Most of us lived outside of the base and fit in quite well inside the Spanish cultural given that we are perfectly bilingual. Here is where we got the love of Spanish tapas in Madrid.
Some of our “military brat” friends went on to move to the USA, we decided to stay here. In fact still today, when an old military-brat friend of ours comes to Madrid, we always take them to our favorite tapas bars and it was during one of our tapa nights that decided to start up Native Spanish Tapas.

Join us for one of the best Madrid tapas tours!


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