Unique traditional Madrid tapas

Unique traditional Madrid tapas

Welcome to Native Spanish Tapas, offering some of the best traditional Madrid tapas with our authentic Madrid tapas tour. We have spoken in our blog about the best Spanish tapas and the top five plates that madrileños prefer. Now let’s talk about the top three traditional Madrid tapas that people do not usually care for, due to their ingredients. The ingredients are the left-overs from the butcher shop called “casquería“, other countries use these left-overs for making sausages or hot-dogs…
In first place is the Spanish plate called “callos“, a cow-stomach-lining-stew with chorizo. We personally like it at Native Spanish Tapas, but it isn’t for everyone, a lot of people dip bread in the sauce but do not eat the tripe, it is absolutely tasty and great for cold-winters:

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The second Spanish tapa that is not particularly preferred by Spanish people is grilled pig-ear or “oreja a la plancha“. It has a cartilage crunchy sensation yet very tasty. This tapas separates the men from the boys. All our guides agree that this traditional dish is delicious with Tabasco sauce, yes sir, a bit of spice does no harm…

Madrid traditional tapa

For the last least favorite and most unusual tapa that Spaniards do not usually order is “mollejas” which is basically the thymus gland of an animal. It usually comes either from the chicken or the sheep. Yes, a gland, it has a strong meaty flavor and a soft spongy texture unlike the ear we mentioned above. In our opinion it has to be the most unique tapa in Spain. To be honest, it is not something we usually order, but it has been a traditional tapa in Spain for many years, it must be for something!

traditional Madrid tapa

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Adios amigos y amigas!

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