Madrid San Isidro Party

Madrid San Isidro Party

Every 15th of May, Madrid celebrates its San Isidro Party; or our Patron Saint Day. At Native Spanish Tapas we not only want you to try some of the best tapas in Madrid, but also get involved in some of Madrid’s local customs, such as this years annual Madrid San Isidro Party. This week is not only dedicated to the Madrid San Isidro Party, but also kicks off the bullfighting season in Madrid, among many other festivities during the whole week. We are going to look at the history behind our Patron Saint San Isidro and recommend where to relive some of San Isidro’s historical moments.

San Isidro Madrid

History tells us that San Isidro was born at the end of the 11th century, when Madrid was just a little village (it did not become the capitol of Spain until the mid 16th century). San Isidro was born into a very humble family and worked as a farmer for wealthy land owners. He was a devoted Christian and meticulously prayed before beginning his daily chores, one of the land owners labeled him as lazy and decided to spy on him to make sure he was hard at work. He noticed that when San Isidro prayed, angels appeared and guided the oxen in grazing the land.

Another moment he was known for which we celebrate at our Madrid San Isidro Party, was during a series of crop-droughts, San Isidro hit several rocks with a stick and a generous stream of water appeared. The original water-well is still conserved today in its hermitage at San Isidro church.

san Isidro Madrid

The water flows from the well to a fountain where locals go on the 15th of May, often waiting long lines to fill their water canteens for God’s blessing and avoid any further droughts.

San Isidro Madrid

Join us on the 15th of May at the San Isidro hermitage for the annual Madrid San Isidro Party and don’t forget to bring a water recipient too! And if you want to try some of the best Madrid tapas, join us on one of our many Madrid tapas tours!

san isidro Madrid

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