Madrid Chocolate and Churros

Madrid Chocolate and Churros

Madrid Chocolate with Churros

Madrid food has quite the variety of plates and dishes. You can enjoy some of the best Madrid tapas without forgetting some of the best Castilian desserts too. Somewhere in between the traditional Madrid calamari sandwich, croquets, along with a nicely poured beer or a glass of delicious red wine are chocolate with churros.

Chocolate with churros have been consumed in Madrid since the beginning of the 19th Century. Chocolate and churros were first eaten at market fairs or town festivities, due to their low elaboration costs, experts believe it wasn’t until the 1920’s that bars and cafeterias jumped on the churros bandwagon serving them throughout the whole city. Other parts of the world have started elaborating churros, but for some reason they are stuffed with chocolate or creams, which for traditional churros foodies likes us at Native Spanish Tapas, this is not a real churro, the simpler the better.

The elaboration of churros is very simple; wheat flour, olive oil and salt. They can come in spiral shapes, tube shaped or even a very common thicker version of the churros called a “porra.” A very important factor that distinguishes good churros from amazing Madrid churros is that they must be fried with olive oil.

In Spain, churros are typical eaten for breakfast or between lunch or dinner, or snack time. It’s more common to eat chocolate with churros during winter because the hot chocolate quickly warms our bones.

One of the best and iconic cafes to have chocolate with churros in Madrid is undoubtedly San Gines, serving them up since 1894 and open twenty-four-hours a day!

best churros in Madrid

If there is one thing you cannot miss when coming to Madrid for some of the best Spanish tapas is a nice plate of Madrid chocolate with churros. Join us on one of our many Madrid tapas tours.

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