The best Chorizo tapa

The best Chorizo tapa

Welcome to Native Spanish Tapas, a local’s Madrid tapas tour offering the best Spanish tapas in Madrid.
Today’s topic is the best Spanish tapa, what is the best Spanish tapa and how is it made? To be or not to be a tapa, that is the question. Spanish people don’t have their single one favorite Spanish tapa, going out for tapas means you’re going to taste quite a few of them and they are all delicious. There are about 5 favorite local’s Madrid tapas commonly ordered in local Madrid tapas bars, recently published in a post here at Native Spanish tapas.
Our Native Spanish tapas tour guides gather information in one of our many Madrid tapas tour through our customers and we have reached the conclusion that the best Spanish tapa in Madrid is undoubtedly CHORIZO, yes, Spanish zesty pork-sausage!


It is a common tapa in Madrid bars, it can be served to accompany a single drink (as the picture above) or it can be ordered as a portion to share among several people:

Madrid chorizo tapa

Native Spanish tapas offers our clients a favorite chorizo tapa called “chorizo a la sidra“, or fried chorizo sauteed with cider or white wine.
Now to the nitty-gritty, the elaboration of Spanish chorizo, how it is made. Just as most Spanish food, it is a simple recipe. Spanish chorizo is like many other pork-sausages elaborated around the world, but what makes this Spanish sausage  so special is that it is cured very much like Spanish ham is. Another important aspect of the elaboration of Spanish chorizo is the large amounts of paprika spice mixed in. Surprisingly enough, it seems that Spain is the only country that puts in a large amount of paprika in it’s pork-sausage, hence the creation of Spanish chorizo!
Join us on one of our many Madrid tapa tours to savor some of the best Spanish tapas Madrid has to offer, like , paella, jamón, Manchego cheese, among many others.

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