Weather in Madrid

Weather in Madrid

Summer is here and a lot of our Madrid tapas tour customers are often surprised on what they thought the weather in Madrid is like in summer, as opposed to what the weather in Madrid is really like in Summer.  In this post we are going to give you some fun facts and recommendations on how to deal with the weather in Madrid, there is a saying in Madrid that literally says “don’t take off your layers of clothes until the 40th of May.” Madrid can still have winter weather even in the beginning of June. 

To understand the weather in Madrid we have to take into account that Madrid is 650 meters above sea level (711 yards), that’s pretty high up, that is why in Madrid we only have two seasons: six months of winter and six months of summer. And summer usually catches us by surprise from one day to another.

What should I wear for Madrid Summer?

If you come to Madrid for a Madrid tapas tour in June or July, you may want to bring a light-sweater, because when the sun goes down, it could get a bit chilly.

Should I travel to Madrid in August?

A phenomena occurs in Madrid in the month of August. A lot of travel blogs recommend not to travel to Madrid during August because it’s too hot, we couldn’t agree better, unless you are on a tight budget, because it’s when flights are cheapest. The reason being that from June and July, the sun has been beating on the paved streets and sidewalks creating an oven-like effect in the whole city. In fact locals, usually take their holidays in August because of that. If you do happen to come to Madrid in August, remember to light clothes, a hat and to drink a lot of water, beer and wine doesn’t count! One of our Madrid tapas tour guides Pablo, recommends having a glass of cold-water with every alcoholic beverage you drink in August, good advice Pablo!

weather in Madrid

The weather in Madrid can vary and you need to be prepared. Join us on one our many Madrid tapas tours

weather in Madrid

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