Top three Madrid Markets

Top three Madrid Markets

Today we are going to talk about the top three food Markets in Madrid’s city center. Native Spanish tapas recommends all three of them, depending on what you fancy.  During our Madrid Tapas tours, we walk past the most popular one for tourists: Mercado de San Miguel. We recommend our clients on going on their own, our mission is to take you where real local’s go for some of the best Spanish tapas in Madrid. Let’s have a look at the tree Markets:
Mercado de San Miguel is the second oldest Market in Madrid dating back from 1919, it was renovated in 2009, it’s the perfect stop for gourmet style Madrid Spanish tapas. The prices are a bit elevated for what local’s are used to paying, but it’s fun to stop at different stands and order Spanish tapas and drinks while walking around the rest of the market without having to worry about bringing back the glass or plate because all the market stands share the silver-ware, it’s a great Madrid Spanish tapas concept.
Mercado San Miguel Madrid
The second Market Native Spanish Tapas recommends is Mercado de la Cebada. This market was originally built in 1868 but was renovated in 1958. This market is the most unique of Madrid, it especially attracts alternative crowds, it’s a local’s favorite hang-out. During the week it’s a usual food-stand market, but at weekends, the market turns into a circus of food and entertainment. You can experience live street music, ONG’s and grass-roots parties handing out information etc.., it has some of the best Spanish tapas in Madrid, for price quality it is the best that Madrid has to offer as far was public markets go.
Mercado de la Cebada Madrid
And the last market Native Spanish tapas personally recommends is Mercado de San Antón, located in the Chueca LGBT neighborhood. It was first built in 1945 and in 2007 was torn down to build a new one from scratch. It’s unique in that it offers a variety of top quality food-stands, gourmet style Madrid tapas restaurants and a pen-house roof-top area with two restaurants and a chill-out sofa ambiance to enjoy a drink or a cocktail as you enjoy some amazing views of the center of Madrid.
Mercado de San Anton Madrid
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