Top 3 Madrid draft-beer bars

Top 3 Madrid draft-beer bars

Welcome to the place of one of the best Madrid tapas tour! At Native Spanish Tapas, we offer some of the best Spanish tapas in Madrid through one our many Madrid walking tours. Madrid is famous for its museums, parks, sangria, wine, Spanish tapas etc…, but did you know that Madrid is nationally known for serving some of the best draft-beers in Spain? In our Madrid tapas tour or our exclusive Craft-beer and tapas tour, we give our customers the chance to try some of the best draft-beers Madrid has to offer. Today we are going to talk about this secret and show you the top 3 Madrid draft-beer bars.
The secret to pouring a good Madrid draft-beer is the temperature, very cold, with two-fingers width of head on the beer. It is a form of art. First the waiters put the glass upside down on a small sprinkler system, located just below the tap, rinsing out the glass, the excess water on the surface of the beer glass oxygenates the beer allowing for a great head and body. The inclination of the glass is very important; you must lean it slightly and let some of the beer out slowly tilting it upright until the beer slightly over fills the glass, have look at the video below:

We recommend the following bars, where locals go for some of the best Spainsh tapas in Madrid alongside a well poured Madrid style draft-beer.
La Ardosa (calle Colon 13) This is a classic Madrid tavern, it is not only famous for its Madrid draft-beer, but it also has a very delicious Spanish omelet “tortilla de patatas”. It is a 10 minute bus ride by public transportation and has been operating since the early 80´s, highly recommended.
La Dolores (Plaza de Jesús, 4) This tavern dates back to the 1920´s with its beautiful decorative tiled walls. It can use up from eight to ten beer barrels a day! It is quaint and you have to squeeze your way in the bar, worth checking out.
El Doble (C/ Ponzano, 58) This tabern is locate away from the touristy center, but by public transport it’s about a 25 minute ride. The beers here are always serived double-size, hence the name “El Double”,  the Double. This tavern has a lot of bull-fighting decoration and a wide variety of traditional Spanish tapas to choose from.
Join us for one of our many Madrid tapas tours, if you like craft-beer, join us for Madrid’s first Craft-beer and tapas tour.

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