Madrid wine tour

Madrid wine tour

Spanish people love their beer and of course their wine… At Native Spanish Tapas we want to show you how local Madrileños go out drinking wines and eating tapas in our Madrid wine tour. Why is our Madrid wine tour so unique? Because we guide you through the history of Madrid, educate you on the types of wines that Spain and Madrid has to offer, and of course, let us not forget the Spanish tapas in Madrid that accompany the wines.
When Madrileños go out for wines, it’s a serious business. Each tapa-stop is carefully selected according to the type of wine and Madrid Spanish tapas you want to enjoy. Everything has its reason. Let’s see a break down of our Madrid wine tour and its reason behind each step and accompanying Spanish Tapa. Our Madrid wine tour is done in about 3 hours as we guide you on the history of Madrid, its wine and its people.
Stop #one:
A tavern that has been operating since 1933. Here we taste a Valdepeñas wine. This type of wine isn’t as known as Rioja or Ribera del Duero, but Madrileños love breaking the ice with a good “chato” or small glass of this delicious fruity wine. 20th century writer Ernest Hemingway was a great fan of Valdepeñas, as he mentioned more than once “it’s the best wine for your money’s worth”.
Stop #two:
A quaint tavern that has been serving local Madrileños for over 100 years. In this tavern we savor a delicious white “Rías Baixas” wine, or “Albariño”, as Madrileños love to call it. It goes down easy and is relatively sweet compared to other white Spanish wines. The tapa here can only be a “pincho” of Manchego cheese and Anchovy from Santander. The combination is extraordinary.
Stop #three:
A restored restaurant that used to be an “Inn” for over 200 years in the Latina quarter of Madrid. It has preserved its aesthetics quite well. Here we indulge on a Rioja wine with a berry-like strong character, accompanied with “huevos estrellados con jamón” or a bed of french fries covered with fried eggs and the best Spanish jamón in the area, an explosion of strong flavors leaves you breathless. Yummy.
Last stop #four:
A beautifully kept up wine tavern near the Mercado de la Cebada.  Here we taste a Ribera del Duero wine, it’s creamy texture and dark fruity flavors go well with a variety of “croquetas” or croquet platter. By that time, we have had enough wine and it’s time for a nap, or as Madrileños call it “Spanish Yoga!”
There you have it! Our exquisite Wine tasting tour in Madrid!


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