Madrid Rio

Madrid Rio

It’s summer and it’s pretty hot in Madrid, as madrileños often say “if we only had a beach…”  Native Spanish Tapas wants to welcome you to Madrid!, where you can enjoy some of the best Spanish tapas with one of our many Madrid tapas tours.
Today we are going to talk about Madrid Rio, a river-side walkway of over 10 kms, or 6 miles of pedestrian and bicycle lanes and other sporting activities such as tennis or padel, rentable soccer fields, a roller-blade and skateboarding park, a climbing school, a BMX track and dock area with boat rentals.
It’s a popular place for joggers, a lot of our clients do so in the morning after one of our many Madrid tapas tours. It is an immense horizontal park bordering the Manzanares river with forest, historical gardens and urban style parks all distributed in nine different areas. It’s also a great place for children to enjoy with ten amazing different playgrounds to play in and make new friends at.
The closest thing to a beach that madrileños can enjoy are the three different “playas”, or “beaches” inside Madrid Rio. As mentioned earlier, “if we only had a beach“, and yes indeed Madrid still does not have a beach because it’s not a beach at all, it’s a huge fountain platform continuously shooting water up in the air.  It’s could be considered as an urban beach, quite refreshing on a summer day in Madrid.
madrid rio
Other popular activities in Madrid Rio are the different Spanish tapas cafes, where you can enjoy some of the best tapas in Madrid watching the world go by. And the last activity near the park that Native Spanish tapas recommends is a visit to Atletico de Madrid’s stadium and museum. Atletico is the arch-rival of Real Madrid. It’s worth checking out the Vicente Calderón stadium during this 2016/2017 season, because it’s their last season there because they are moving out of the city to a bigger stadium.
Atletico stadium madrid rio
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