Madrid Christmas Market

Madrid Christmas Market

If you are in Madrid for the Christmas festivities, a must do is the Madrid Christmas Market. In our Madrid tapas tour, we stop by this emblematic Madrid Christmas Market and share this amazing local tradition with our customers, who are fascinated by the beauty and festivity ambiance the Madrid Christmas Market offers. Today we are going to give you a general over-view of what you’ll see in this amazing Madrid Christmas Market.
2016 marks the four-hundredth anniversary of the Plaza Mayor, where the it is held every year. There are 104 stands we can find all types of Christmas decorations from lights, balls, figurines for the Nativity-set and all types of New Year’s celebration paraphernalia.  Madrid Christmas Market has inaugurated a spectacular lighting array of lights this year, a must see.
The square is packed to the brim on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Our recommendation is to go during the week where locals go less often, this is of course if you do not like sardine-packed crowds, that’s exactly how some of the streets going into the Plaza Mayor feel like, now if you don’t mind being bunched up in the crowd, go at weekends and absorb this fascinating Madrid Christmas Market tradition.
Locals not only go to the Madrid Christmas Market for the shopping, but also for some of the best Spanish tapas in Madrid. In fact, there are a few real local bars that we take our customers too during our Madrid tapas tours. The most typical food locals eat during the Madrid Christmas Market is Madrid’s very own bocadillo de calamares, or calamari sandwich. Our recommendation is Bar La Campana, it is a favorite among Madrid local’s. It’s quite unique because its walls are decorated in tile with hundreds of typical Spanish hand painted right on the tiles.
Madrid is a unique place to go during Christmas, and Madrid’s Christmas Market is a must stop. Below is a video sample of what Madrid Christmas like, enjoy!

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