Humble Spanish Tapas

Humble Spanish Tapas

Today we are going to have one of the simplest and most humble Spanish tapas that you can inagine in Spain, called “migas” which literally means “bread-crumbs”, because the main ingredient is in fact bread-crumbs. First we’re going to have a quick look at the history behind this delicious and hearty typical Spanish Tapa, give you the recipe and show you a video on just on simple it is to make. During our Madrid tapas tours, we recommend one place where they serve these typical humble Spanish tapas. You may ask yourself, “why doesn’t Native Spanish Tapas serve us this delicious tapa? Well, there are so many other delicious tapas that you can experience while doing a Madrid tapa tours, that there just isn’t enough room to savor them all. Let’s get back to our favorite humble Spanish tapa migas.

humble spanish tapas

Soup with bread and bread-crumb dishes were the basic food ingredients of farmers and peasants in just about all of Spain for centuries. Bread becomes hard and stale, so it was a good way to not waste a loaf of bread, migas are also prepared with fresh bread.

humble Spanish tapas

In the 16th century, king Phillip the II’s personal chef documents this bread-crumb migas dish recipe for the first time in Spain. For centuries and even after post 2oth century Spanish Civil War, “migas” were a common dish not only in villages, but also in big cities where food ran scarce, they are definitely a high source of carbs and calories for the cold winter.

Below is a simple recipe to elaborate this humble Spanish tapa at home.

  1. 500 gr of baguette style bread.
  2. 250 ml of water.
  3. 8 garlic cloves.
  4. 200 g of fresh chorizo sausage.
  5. 4 strips of smoked fresh bacon.
  6. 1 sun-dried red pepper.
  7. extra virgin olive oil.
  8. salt.

Hope you dare to try and make them, if so, watch a traditional humble Spanish tapas video below with one Spain’s most humble tapas chefs!

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