Exotic Madrid Tapas

Exotic Madrid Tapas

There is a saying in Spain that suggests that “a lot of people eat with their eyes” which means that if the food is not appealing to the eyes it will not come near the mouth. At Native Spanish Tapas we want you to experience some of the best Madrid tapas with us. We call some these obscure must eat tapas as exotic Madrid tapas. This post is going to show you four of the best exotic Madrid tapas that we recommend trying while visiting Madrid. Exotic Madrid tapas are not for not for the faint hearted. So without further due, let’s dig our eyes and mouth in some of the best exotic Madrid tapas.

The first one we recommend is Octopus with Potatoes, or Pulpo con Patatas in Spanish. This delicious Madrid tapas dish is very simple and tasty; boiled octopus and potatoes with rock salt, olive oil and paprika. If you can get over the fact that you are munching on tentacles with suction cups, you will never forget the simple yet amazing flavor.

Octopus Madrid tapa

The second exotic Madrid tapas we highly recommend is Tripe Stew, or Callos in Spanish. Tripe is the inner-lining of the cow stomach prepared with chorizo, blood sausage and bacon fat. It is commonly served in winter to battle off the cold temperatures of Madrid and some Spaniards say the best part is dipping the sauce with bread.

Exotic Madrid Tapas

The third exotic Madrid tapas is definitely not for everyone, but very popular among Madrid locals; grilled Pig Ear, or Oreja a la Plancha. It’s basically grilled chopped up pieces of pig ear, you’ll notice locals pouring fresh lemon on top (some even put ketchup too, not bad either). The cartilage provides an amazing crunchy sensation along with a delicious pork flavor.

pig ear

The winner and the most difficult exotic Madrid tapas for the eyes is fried Gizzard, or Mollejas in Spanish. Gizzards are a muscular enlargement of the digestive tract. This delicious Madrid tapas dish is most often prepared from chicken gizzard, but could also be from the cow, pig or even sheep. We recommend trying all four of them if you dare…

Spanish gizzards

We recommend diving into some of the most popular exotic Madrid tapas in order to have a full native Madrid tapas experience. Join us on one of our many Madrid tapas tours experiencing it like a real Madrid local.

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